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Bunny Hopping, also known as rabbit agility, is a sport increasingly captivating rabbit enthusiasts. But what’s behind this trend, and is it really suitable for our fluffy friends? This article delves into the world of Bunny Hopping. 

What is Bunny Hopping? 

Bunny Hopping is a sport for rabbits, similar to horse jumping or dog agility. The rabbits hop over obstacles of varying heights and lengths. Originating in Sweden in the 1970s, Kaninhop has now become a popular recreational activity for rabbits and their owners in many countries. 

The Disciplines in Bunny Hopping

In Bunny Hopping competitions, there are different disciplines based on the height and length of the obstacles: 

  • Straight Track: Here, rabbits jump over a series of obstacles on a straight course. 
  • Course: A course with various obstacles and changes in direction. 
  • High Jump and Long Jump: Here, rabbits show how high or how far they can jump. 

The goal in Bunny Hopping is to complete the course flawlessly and as quickly as possible

Which Rabbits Are Suitable for Bunny Hopping? 

4 bunnies on a white background
image: Ahasanara Akter – vecteezy.com

Almost any healthy rabbit can learn Bunny Hopping. It’s important that the animal enjoys movement and is not too heavy. Especially active and curious breeds like dwarf rabbits are well-suited for this sport. Proper care and a strong bond between the rabbit and the owner are crucial. 

Is Bunny Hopping Humane or Animal Cruelty? 

This question is controversial. Proponents argue that Bunny Hopping promotes rabbits’ natural urge to move and provides a good way to keep them physically and mentally engaged. Critics, however, fear that the sport could overwhelm the animals and lead to stress, especially in competitive situations. 

It’s essential that rabbits are not forced into activities and that the sport is adapted to their needs and abilities. Care should always be taken to ensure that the rabbits enjoy jumping and are not overburdened. 


Bunny Hopping can be a great way to playfully engage rabbits and enhance their agility. It’s important not to overburden the animals and to consider their individual needs and capabilities. When these aspects are respected, Kaninhop can be an enriching activity for both rabbits and owners, strengthening their bond. As with any animal sport, the welfare of the animal should always come first. Respectful and loving treatment of the animals is key to making Kaninhop a positive and suitable experience for your long-eared friend.” 

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