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Hello! We’re thrilled that you’re here! 🐾 Are you curious about who we are and what we do? Great, you’re in the right place! With us, it’s all about the fascinating world of pets—from fluffy kittens and loyal dogs to lively fish and curious rodents.

And your pet is warmly invited to join our journey of discovery!

What can you expect from us?

Our mission is not only to provide fun and entertainment, but also valuable knowledge about the proper care and well-being of your animal friends. We see ourselves as a great resource for schoolchildren, teenagers, and of course adults who want to learn exciting things about their fluffy, feathery, or scaly friends. Everything is organized into clear categories:


Rabbit eating a flower
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Here, it’s all about the right food! Whether you want to know which snacks are healthiest for your dog, which diet is suitable for an overweight cat, or how to optimally compose your aquarium fish food—our extensive nutrition tips provide all the information you need. We help you keep your pet healthy and happy.


Woman brushing buldog's teeth with a yellow toothbrush
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Health is not just important for us humans, but also for our animal companions. In this category, you’ll find everything from preventive measures and first aid tips to detailed guides on how to correctly interpret symptoms of illness. Our experts provide you with valuable advice to keep your pet in top shape.

Pet Care

Cat lying on the top platform of a scratching post by the window
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A happy pet starts with a loving home. In our “Pet Care” section, you’ll learn all about appropriate housing and care. Whether it’s setting up a hamster cage, properly maintaining a horse stable, or regulating temperature in a reptile enclosure—here you’ll get practical tips for optimally designing the living space of your animal friends.

Pet Toys

gray parrot sitting on a branch playing with a colorful cube toy
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Play and fun should not be overlooked! We’ll show you which toys are safe and entertaining for your pets. From sturdy chew toys for dogs to interactive toys for cats and birds—discover how you can meaningfully engage your pets and nurture their natural instincts.


We Celebrate 'Dress Up Your Pet Day'
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In our “Specials” section, we celebrate the most fascinating moments from the animal world. Discover furry celebrities who have made waves in movies, books, and online. Learn about various celebrations where people worldwide express their love for animals, and enjoy moving stories about some truly extraordinary companions. Plus, exciting contests and events await that will further fuel your enthusiasm for the animal world.

Topic of the Month

Holiday Time, Dog Time: Your Guide to Worry-Free Travel with Your Dog
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Every month, we highlight a different animal species in our “Theme of the Month” section where you can broaden your knowledge and maybe even find inspiration for a new pet. Dive into their fascinating world and discover the secrets and surprises they hold. Stay tuned, as there’s always something new and exciting to learn!

Who are we?

Now that you know a bit about our work, we’d like to introduce you to the amazing people behind it. Each team member brings their own experiences and a great enthusiasm for animals. Although we are all different, our love for our animal friends unites us.



6 Years

indefinable (fox cat?)

“Knusper” (and Mice…)


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Hello, I am a fluffy cat in the prime of my life and I’d like to introduce myself! My fur is a lovely brown-red with a charming white bib and white paws that look like I’m wearing little socks. My eyes shine a deep amber, especially when the sun hits them.

I am known for being very loyal and loving. Snuggling is at the top of my list of favorite activities, and I love to pamper my humans with cuddle sessions. I also enjoy spending time outdoors, where I can breathe in the fresh air and have a bit of an adventure.

But oh, sparkling lights are my absolute weakness! Whenever there’s a shimmer and twinkle, I’m instantly in hunting mode.



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Hello, I am a proud, large tomcat with a magnificent long coat in shimmering orange-brown hues. Although I am among the older fellows, I am still very agile and full of life.

I prefer to spend my days lounging comfortably and watching the world from the safety of my home. The outdoors is just too uncomfortable for me—I am a true house cat through and through. One of my greatest pleasures is being thoroughly petted. I can really relax and enjoy every second of attention. Although I look big and impressive, I am incredibly sweet and always in search of a warm lap to cozy up on.



7 Years

Chunk (Short-haired)



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Hello! I am a small, stocky tiger, known for my impressive sprinting abilities. Although I’m extremely curious about the world around me, I am often quite shy at first. However, once I feel safe, I fully embrace my playful nature.

My favorite activities? Sleeping and eating! But beware, I am picky—it has to be especially delicious food to satisfy me. After an exciting day filled with discoveries and short, fast chases after imaginary prey, there’s nothing better for me than settling down comfortably on the couch. There, I can relax and love being pampered by my people.

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