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Rabbits are curious and intelligent creatures that require not just ample space to hop around, but also mental stimulation. Toys play a crucial role in this. They encourage natural behaviors and contribute to the health and well-being of your rabbit. However, not every toy is safe or suitable. We have summarized for you which toys can make your rabbit happy and what you should look for when choosing them. 

Toys Suitable for Rabbits 

Bunny on a wooden beam surrounded by parsley
image: Idalba Granada – vecteezy.com
  • Hay balls and hay racks: These toys encourage natural feeding behavior while also providing entertainment. Chewing on hay also helps wear down the constantly growing teeth of rabbits. 
  • Tunnels and cardboard boxes: Rabbits enjoy exploring and hiding in dens. Tunnels and cardboard boxes can stimulate this instinct and provide the animals with a sense of security. 
  • Wooden toys and branches for gnawing: Untreated wooden toys and branches from rabbit-safe trees and bushes encourage chewing and serve as dental care. 
  • Push balls: Soft balls that rabbits can nudge with their noses and push around promote physical activity. 
  • Intelligence toys: Puzzle toys that require rabbits to figure out how to get to treats enhance problem-solving skills and mental activity. 

Instincts Stimulated by Toys 

Black and white bunny sitting on a meadow
image: Gavin Allanwood – unsplash.com
  • The Exploration Instinct: Rabbits are naturally curious. Toys that encourage them to explore and discover satisfy this instinct. 
  • The Foraging Instinct: Searching for food is an important part of a rabbit’s daily routine. Toys that can be filled with food stimulate this instinct. 
  • The Chewing Instinct: Rabbits need to chew regularly to keep their teeth healthy. Suitable chew toys are therefore essential. 

Dangerous Toys for Rabbits 

  • Plastic Toys: Many plastic toys can be dangerous for rabbits if bitten and swallowed. 
  • Small Objects: Small items that could be swallowed should be avoided as they can lead to internal blockages. 
  • Treated Wood or Plant Materials: Painted, stained, or chemically treated woods and plants can be toxic to rabbits. 


Choosing toys for your rabbit should be done carefully to ensure safety and stimulation. Make sure that all toys are rabbit-safe and supervise your pet during play to minimize potential risks. By catering to your rabbit’s instincts with safe and stimulating toys, you can contribute to a happy and healthy life for your long-eared companion. 

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