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Hamsters are naturally curious and active little creatures who love to move around and explore their surroundings. Especially in their cage environment, it’s important to provide them with a variety of stimuli to promote their physical and mental health. Here, we introduce some of the best toys that are sure to delight your hamster. 

1. Exercise Wheel

Hamster in the wheel
image: Matt Bero –

One of the most popular toys for hamsters is the exercise wheel. It allows the hamster to stretch its legs and satisfy its natural urge to run. When purchasing, ensure that the wheel is large enough and doesn’t have crossbars that could injure the hamster. 

2. Tube Systems

Hamsters adore crawling through tunnels and hiding away. A tube system in the cage stimulates the hamster’s natural instincts and offers hours of exploration fun. 

Hamster in a tube
image: Silje Roseneng –

3. Climbing Frames

Small climbing frames or hanging bridges in the cage can also provide variety. They encourage the animal’s agility and balance and offer a welcome change from the flat cage floor. 

4. Gnawing Wood

To manage the hamster’s constantly growing teeth, gnawing wood is essential. It not only keeps the teeth short but also provides the hamster with a meaningful activity.

5. Sand Bath

A sand bath isn’t just a place for the hamster to clean itself, but it’s also a favorite toy. The fine sand tickles the hamster’s paws and offers a chance for them to roll around and dig.

6. Food Balls

A food ball, which can be filled with snacks or feed, challenges the hamster. They have to figure out how to access the treat inside, providing mental stimulation.


A thoughtfully and lovingly equipped hamster cage, bursting with diverse toys, becomes a true paradise for your little friend. This mini playground ensures that boredom remains a foreign concept for your hamster, keeping them both physically and mentally active. When you invest in high-quality and safe toys free from any toxic materials, you not only gift your hamster with joy but also a long and healthy life. And there’s hardly anything more delightful than watching your hamster with bright eyes and full of energy take over its newly designed environment, exploring every nook and cranny with curious enthusiasm! 🐹

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