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Hamsters are curious and active creatures that love to explore and climb. Creating a labyrinth for them not only offers hours of fun for your furry friend but also provides a chance to stimulate their natural behavior and intelligence. In this blog post, you will learn how to easily craft a labyrinth for your hamster. 

Materials you’ll need:   

  • Several empty toilet paper rolls or kitchen paper rolls 
  • Glue stick or non-toxic adhesive 
  • Scissors 
  • Cardboard 
  • Non-toxic tape 
  • Optional: Decorating materials such as non-toxic paint, markers, or stickers 


1. Establish the Base Structure 


Obtain a sturdy piece of cardboard, ideally at least 60 cm x 60 cm, depending on the desired size of your labyrinth. 

Cardbnoard scissors and tape on wooden table
image: Karolina Grabowska –


Trim the cardboard so that it matches the desired base area of the maze. This will serve as your labyrinth’s foundation. 


Think about the design of your labyrinth beforehand. Do you want it simple and straightforward or intricate with multiple levels and hidden pathways? 

Initially, sketch out your design on a sheet of paper. This helps you get a clear overview and avoid any mistakes later on. 

2. Preparing the Rolls 

Material Selection: 

Toilet paper and kitchen paper rolls are perfect as tunnels. For those more advanced in crafting, you can also opt for Plexiglas tunnels or typical drainage pipes available from hardware stores. 

4 empty toilet paper rolls
image: Shutterbug75 –

Caution! Longer tunnels should be adequately ventilated. For this, punch small air holes into the rolls. Also, ensure that the materials used are harmless for your hamster, or make sure your little furball doesn’t nibble on the pipe. 

But for now, let’s focus on the readily available kitchen paper rolls. Everyone has these at hand. 


Cut the rolls into various lengths and sizes to add diversity. These will serve as the “tunnels” and “tubes” in your maze. 

3. Attaching the Tunnels to the Cardboard 


Use a glue stick or a non-toxic adhesive to secure the cut rolls onto the cardboard in your desired design. You can also use small wooden blocks or cut cardboard strips as bases to create minor height differences. 

Wrap any resulting corners with non-toxic tape or tie together with a string. Ensure that edges aren’t too sharp, and gaps between the tunnels aren’t too wide, as your little friend might get hurt. 

If you’re uncertain, it’s best to stick to a flat, single-level labyrinth. 


Let the adhesive dry thoroughly to ensure the rolls are firmly in place and don’t shift. 

4. Decoration 

paintbrush obn box of paints
image: Denise Johnson –

Personal Touch: 

This is where the creativity kicks in! Use non-toxic paints, markers, or stickers to personalize your labyrinth. You can also integrate little stopover points and stock them with tiny treats for your hamster. 

Safety First: 

Make sure that all materials used are safe for your hamster. There shouldn’t be anything that he could consume or that could be harmful to him. 

5. Test Run  


Give your hamster the chance to explore his new toy. Gently place him in the labyrinth and watch as he navigates his way through the various paths and tunnels. 


You’ll soon notice how adept and clever your hamster acts within his new maze. This will also give you insights into which parts are particularly well-received and where potential adjustments might be needed. 

Little hamster in toilet paper roll
Image: Henry Lai –

Tips and Notes: 

  • Ensure there are no sharp edges or small parts that your hamster could hurt himself on. 
  • Avoid using materials that could be toxic if your hamster nibbles on them. 
  • Regularly clean the labyrinth to keep it hygienic and safe for your hamster. 
  • The best part? It’s your creation! You can always modify and expand the labyrinth as you see fit. 
Hamster looks out of toilet paper roll
Image: 5947162 –


A DIY labyrinth for your hamster is a fantastic way to offer him a safe and fun environment to explore. It’s not just excellent exercise for him but also an opportunity for you to let your creativity shine. With a bit of time and love, you can craft a unique toy that provides endless hours of fun for both you and your hamster!  



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