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Ferrets are not only fascinating and lively pets, but they’re also sources of many interesting and amusing anecdotes. Here are seven fascinating and fun facts about ferrets.

1. Thieving Nature

Ferrets are known for their tendency to steal and hide small objects. They have a natural inclination to collect toys, jewelry, and other small items and stash them in secret places. Owners often find “treasure piles” of hidden objects under furniture or in ferret hideaways. 

2. Dancing Ferrets

Ferrets often display a characteristic “joy dance,” also known as the “ferret war dance.” This dance is a mix of hopping, twirling, and crazy jumps and is often a sign of excitement and happiness. It’s not only funny to watch but also a sign that the ferret feels comfortable and secure.

3. Loud Sleepers 

2 ferrets sleeping in a round bed
Foto: Decha Anunthanapong – vecteezy.com

Ferrets are known to make noises while sleeping, including snoring or little grunts. Due to their deep sleep, they can sometimes be hard to wake up, which can surprise new ferret owners. 

4. Animals with a History 

Ferrets were domesticated hundreds of years ago and used for hunting, particularly for rabbit hunting. Their slender body shape allowed them to crawl into rabbit burrows and drive out the prey. 

5. Pipelines Lovers 

Ferrets have a fondness for tunnels and pipes. In nature, they live in complex burrow systems, and this preference is reflected in their play behavior. They love crawling through tubes, hoses, and other tight spaces. 

6. Historical Heroes 

Brown ferret in a meadow
image: Philip Bird – vecteezy.com

Ferrets were even used in cable laying tasks. Notably, a ferret named Felicity helped in 1971 to pull cables through tight pipes during the wedding ceremony of Princess Anne in Westminster Abbey. 

7. Ferrets as Pets in the White House

In the United States, President Richard Nixon and his family had ferrets as pets in the White House during his term. 


Ferrets are not only cute and lively pets but also animals with a rich history and many funny quirks, making them unique and entertaining companions.

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