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    14. January 2024

    We Celebrate ‘Dress Up Your Pet Day’ 

    'Dress Up Your Pet Day' is a fun holiday celebrated annually on January 14th. It was initiated in 2009 by the American animal advocate Colleen Paige. Ever since, pet owners have been encouraged to dress their pets – usually dogs and cats – in funny or extravagant costumes. ...

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    28. December 2023

    New Year’s Stress: How to Make it Easier for Your Cat 

    New Year's Eve – a night full of celebrations and joy for us humans, can be a source of stress and anxiety for our four-legged friends. The loud fireworks and firecrackers are especially burdensome for cats, who are very sensitive to noise. Here are some tips on how you can calm your cat and make the transition into the new year as pleasant as possible for them. ...

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    20. December 2023

    Holiday Season – Hazard Season: How to Protect Your Pet 

    The holiday season not only brings festive cheer and joy into our homes but, unfortunately, it also introduces potential dangers for our beloved pets. Glittering tinsel on the Christmas tree and colorful gift ribbons can pique the curiosity of our four-legged friends. What sparkles and rustles attracts cats and dogs as if by magic, but it carries serious risks if ingested. Here you will learn how to protect your pets from these dangers during this contemplative time. ...

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    16. December 2023

    The Oldest Cat in the World: A Look at Long-Lived Felines

    Cat lovers around the world are often fascinated by the longevity of their beloved pets. They ask questions like, "How old can a cat actually become?" and "What is the secret to their longevity?" In this article, we look at the stories of some of the world's oldest cats and discover what might contribute to their remarkable lifespan. ...

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