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New Year’s Eve – a night full of celebrations and joy for us humans, can be a source of stress and anxiety for our four-legged friends. The loud fireworks and firecrackers are especially burdensome for cats, who are very sensitive to noise. Here are some tips on how you can calm your cat and make the transition into the new year as pleasant as possible for them. 

1. Safety First: Keep Outdoor Cats Inside 

Tabby cat looking out the window
image: Andres Ramos – vecteezy.com

One of the most important measures to protect your cat is to keep them inside the house during New Year’s Eve. Outdoor cats may get frightened by the loud noises and lights, hide, or in the worst case, end up in a state of shock-like paralysis. Moreover, there is a risk of injury from carelessly thrown fireworks. Ensure that your cat has a calm, safe place in the house where they can retreat. 

2. Create a Calm Environment 

Close the windows and curtains to shield as much noise and flashes of light as possible. If available, lower the blinds. Of course, you cannot completely eliminate the noise of the fireworks, but you can at least dampen it. Playing calm music or turning on the television can help drown out external noises and create a soothing atmosphere. 

3. Offering Hiding Places and Retreats 

Cats often seek a safe hideout in stressful situations. Make sure that your cat has access to their favorite hiding spots, whether it’s under the bed, in a drawer, or in a special cave. A soft bed or a blanket can provide additional comfort. 

4. Engagement and Distraction 

Offer your cat toys or treats to distract them. Active engagement can help shift their focus away from the frightening noises. 

5. Stay Calm 

Cats are very sensitive and can sense when their owners are tense or nervous. Stay relaxed and carry on with your usual activities. This calmness will be transferred to your cat and signal to them that there is no reason to worry. 

6. Bach Flowers for Natural Calming 

Woman giving drops to her cat
image: Erin_Hinterland – pixabay.com

Bach flowers can be a gentle way to soothe stressed velvet paws. These natural essences are often used to alleviate anxiety and stress in animals. Consult with a veterinarian or a Bach flower therapy expert beforehand to find the right mix for your cat. 

7. Avoid Over-Comforting 

It may be tempting to comfort your furry friend with excessive petting and soothing words when they are anxious. However, such a reaction can often have the opposite effect. Too much attention in anxiety-inducing situations can reinforce the impression in the cat that there is indeed a threat. Your cat might conclude that their fear is justified if you give them so much concerned attention. 


New Year’s Eve can be a challenging time for cats, but with a little preparation and care, you can help your furry friend survive the night safely and as stress-free as possible. By creating a soothing environment and attending to your cat’s needs, you ensure that your house tiger can also welcome the new year with calmness. 

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