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Budgerigars are sociable birds that live in large flocks in the wild. This natural inclination towards sociality makes it important that they are not kept alone in captivity. But how do you introduce a new feathered friend without causing stress or aggression? Here are some steps and tips on how to achieve a harmonious socialization of your budgerigars. 

Step 1: Quarantine 

Black and yellow budgie sitting on a stick in a cage
image: Ekaterina Protasova – vecteezy.com

Before you bring a new bird close to your current budgerigar, a quarantine period of at least 30 days is recommended. This precaution is to identify any possible diseases and prevent them from being transmitted to your other bird. 

Step 2: The First Contact 

During the quarantine period, you can keep the birds within sight, but still in separate cages. This allows them to get used to the presence of the other without coming into direct contact.  

Step 3: Shared Activities 

Carry out activities that both birds can see or hear at the same time, such as playing bird songs or offering toys. This promotes a positive environment and shared experiences without them directly encountering each other. 

Step 4: The Approach 

After the quarantine period has ended and if no health problems have arisen, you can place the cages closer together. This allows the birds to approach each other safely without direct contact. 

Step 5: First Joint Free Flights 

Blue and yellow budgie sitting on a branch
image: RitaE – pixabay.com

Give both budgerigars the opportunity for joint free flights in a safe space. Observe their behavior closely. If they show aggression, separate them immediately and try again at a later time. 

Step 6: Co-housing in One Cage  

Two budgies sitting in a cage
image: nell_scn – pixabay.com

If the birds get along well during the free flights, you can try to bring them together in a neutral cage. This cage should be large enough and equipped with new toys and perches to prevent territorial behavior. 

Important Tips for a Successful Socialization: 

  • Patience is key: Do not rush anything. The birds need time to build trust with each other. 
  • Observation: Pay attention to the body language and sounds of your budgerigars. Aggressive behaviors such as charging, loud hissing, or pecking are warning signs. 
  • Separate feeding areas: Ensure there are enough food and water stations to avoid competition over resources. 
  • Minimizing stress: Keep the environment calm and avoid loud noises or sudden movements that could stress the birds. 
  • Health monitoring: Make sure that both birds stay healthy to prevent the transmission of diseases. 


Introducing a new budgerigar should be a carefully monitored process. With patience and the right steps, you can foster a long-term friendship between your feathered friends. A successful socialization means not just a new playmate for your bird, but also double the joy and entertainment for you. 

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