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A budgie is not just a colorful bundle of feathers chirping in your home. These little birds are curious and intelligent creatures that need activity and entertainment to stay happy and healthy. Toys play a significant role in the well-being of your feathered friend by providing both physical and mental stimulation. Let’s dive into the vibrant and exciting world of budgie toys and discover the top picks for your little flyer. 

Swings and Ladders

Swings not only offer a place for your budgie to rest but also encourage climbing and balancing, which is beneficial for the bird’s muscles and coordination. The movement of the swing can also sharpen the bird’s sense of balance. 

3 budgies on swing
image: Garak01 –

Chewing Toys

Budgies love to gnaw! This not only helps to keep their beaks in shape but also provides hours of entertainment. Toys made of wood, leather, and other bird-safe materials are perfect for this chewing delight. 


Many budgies are fascinated by their own reflection. A small mirror in the cage can provide company for your bird and encourage him to communicate with his “mirror friend. 

Rattles and Bells 

Budgies are naturally curious and are drawn to various sounds. Toys with bells or rattles can capture your bird’s attention and provide hours of entertainment. 

budgies on nestswing
image: Chrisad –

Puzzles and Food Toys

These kinds of toys challenge your bird’s mind and offer a playful way to get food or treats. They can help prevent overfeeding and promote the bird’s “foraging” instinct.

A Few Tips When Buying Toys

Safety First 

Make sure all toys are bird-safe, without sharp edges or small parts that could be swallowed. 


Rotate toys regularly to prevent boredom and continuously offer new stimuli.  


Remember to clean the toys regularly to ensure they are free from bacteria and germs.


Budgies are active and playful birds that can thrive with the right toys. By providing a selection of exciting and safe toys, you ensure that your feathered friend remains happy, healthy, and mentally stimulated. And as you watch your bird play and explore, you’ll surely find joy yourself!